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GFI assists in providing quality educational resources to underserved public schools, libraries and day care centers.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

GFI joins you in welcoming 2010 with great joy & promise.

In photo: Ana Blackburn Program Director, Toni Daya-Luetgers Exec. Director, Arjho C. Turner GFI Mindanao Outreach Director, Jane Rolen Advisor, PHCG Raoul "Ray" Donato, Ces Alberto Treasurer & Grace Ragheb Cavite Outreach Coordinator

"Love is Kind." - 1 Corinthians 13:4

"A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles."- Washington Irving

Thanks to you, our partner for your assistance in providing public schools and libraries with educational books and school supplies to Filipino indigent children in rural areas of the Philippines. Your support and generosity has touched thousands of lives more than you could imagine.

Thank you for joining us in our journey this marvelous year of 2009. We hope that you will continue to join us in the years ahead.

May you all have a blessed and safe New Year's Eve celebration as you welcome with great joy and promise the Year of 2010. - Galing Foundation, Inc. Board

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mindanao Outreach Blog Update Announcement

December 21, 2009

Mindanao Outreach Blog Update Announcement
by Arjho C. Turner

The GFI Mindanao Outreach blog has been updated with latest reports from the beneficiary schools as well as essays from students. Please visit this link for details and click photos to view larger version of the image: http://gfimindanao. blogspot. com/

The blog site is also linked to the main website of GFI ( under the Mindanao Updates.

Thank you all for your support, your prayers and your labor of love in making a meaningful difference among the schools assisted by GFI for library development and improving English literacy in the Philippines.

Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Phil. Honorary Consul General Raoul "Ray" Donato on Galing Foundation, Inc. supporters & the Filipino children

In photo: Ana Blackburn (GFI Program Dir.), Toni Daya-Luetgers (GFI Exec. Dir.), Arjho C. Turner (GFI Dir. for Mindanao Outreach), Jane Rolen (GFI Board of Advisor), Philippine Honorary Consul General Raoul "Ray" Donato, Ces Alberto (GFI Treasurer) and Grace Ragheb (GFI Volunteer-Cavite Outreach)

Click here for video message

"Think Green & Support Children's Education"

In photo: Ces Alberto (GFI Treasurer), Rene Caballa (Owner-Catridge World 705), Paul & Janine Dismer (Cross of Life Lutheran Church Social Concerns Ministry), Arjho C. Turner (GFI Dir. for Mindanao Outreach) and Toni Daya-Luetgers (GFI Exec. Dir.)

"Think Green & Support Children's Education"

Cross of Life Social Concerns Ministry in partnership with Cartridge World Branch 705in Lilburn are collecting empty ink catridge & toner to benefit COL Christian Montessori (Roswell), Galing Foundation, Inc. (Philippines) & Padhar Mission School (India). Social Concerns Ministry will receive $1 per ink (small) cartridge and $2 per toner (large) cartridge.

Drop off your cartridge/s at the designated box located in the church narthex.
Cross of Life Lutheran Church is located at 1000 Hembree Road, Roswell, GA 30075

For more information, please contact:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Gratitude and Giving Back" by Jane Rolen, Regional Chair of the Pacific Asian American Advisory Council (PAAAC) of Social Security Administration

Photo: PHCG Donato & Ms. Jane Rolen

GRATITUDE AND GIVING BACK (Speech at "An Evening of Gratitude" held last Dec. 4, 2009)
by Jane Rolen

"I want to start off by saying thank you to all our volunteers who did an enormous amount of job for the last year; to Honorary Consul General Ray Donato for the support he continues to give the Philippine community and for the icon that he is; to all the community leaders (Wilie Blanco, Marilyn Doromal, Didi O’Connor, Mae Pascual, etc) for your leadership and dedication and support to our heritage and culture, to our children--- who display an unsatiable desire to learn and keep the Philippine culture and values---you make us proud. A special thanks to my friend, Toni Daya-Luetgers, whom I refer to as the “glue that keeps the Filipino community together.” You are an inspiration for the community. For all the things that you do, thank you, thank you, thank you.

We need to thank God, our Creator, our Father --- who looks after us and despite all the tragedies in our homeland, he opens other doors for us….there is hope for us, and for our country, yet. Yes, at times it is too difficult to move on, but remember “the man who complained he had no shoes, until he met a guy who had no feet……..”

Indeed inspite of all the tragedies, the typhoons, the foreclosures, the economy, there is a lot to be thankful for…. Our health, our jobs, our friends, our families, and specially the gift of life.

My point to all this is……. we can only say thank you properly, if we give back what is given to us…. I say that because, “to whom much is given, much is expected……” I firmly believe, the more you give of yourself, the more blessings come around, especially when you are doing good deeds without expecting anything in return. Or am I the only one here who notices that when you help out with all your heart, it comes back twofold??…..

So how can we give back to our Creator, to our community, to our fellow human beings? Well, I can suggest a few things…

First I want to raise the awareness of the importance of volunteer service and to celebrate the legion of volunteers like you, who contribute personal time, skills, and resources to help others here at home and abroad.
Whether you help families rebuild their lives after a disaster, deliver meals to homebound elderly citizens, assist clients at temporary shelters, mentor youth, build homes or schools, plant trees to sustain our environment, or work tirelessly to eradicate poverty and inhumane conditions, you do more than offer service: You offer hope to those you help and restore our faith in the simple goodness of humankind. Your work and devotion is commendable. Much work has been done. And then, there is still work left to do.

Formidable national challenges such as food insecurity, illiteracy, and homelessness, and global challenges such as global warming, inadequate education, the spread of preventable diseases, and the lack of clean, drinking water, all sound a clarion call for action. Gender inequality, human trafficking, domestic violence, the rise in premature births, hate crimes and incivility are among a host of additional significant issues as well.

One can ask, why somebody doesn't do something about that, but we don't realize that we might be that somebody. What are we doing to help others?
We all have unique talents that we can offer to help preserve our communities and shape the future of our world environment. And the issues mentioned above are summoning us to service.

Now, I know that not everyone of us can volunteer time, resources and talents because of the demands of our everyday life. However, I still believe that in our own simple little way, we can make a difference.

I’ll give myself as an example. Many of you know that time is a resource that I don’t have the luxury of, no matter how much desire I want to get involved. No matter how brilliantly I thought I have scheduled my commitments, I always don’t have enough of this resource. So, I do what I can with what time I have. One of causes I made commitments to is the Combined Federal Campaign. I was so lucky enough to be appointed as the Division Chairperson for the Metro Atlanta Combined Federal Campaign – the only fundraising allowed by law in federal government. In that capacity, I was able to encourage a few non-profits to apply and be accepted as one of the registered CFC non-profits organizations thereby, they can accept donations from the CFC. During the campaign, these non-profits, get a chance to introduce themselves and their work to federal employees, who in turn make pledges for donations to these organizations. So, in aside, to my fellow Filipino federal employees, the next time you make a pledge to CFC, please consider giving to “Galing Foundation”, “Gawad Kalinga” “CPACS” and many other Filipino non—profits listed in the CFC book.

I am a consultant to the Filipino Associations, I spend three to 4 hours a month teaching Tagalog and Ilocano to youngsters. I choreograph Philippine dances for yearly cultural shows. I know this isn’t much, but the idea is sharing what I have. God gave me mouth to speak, I might as well use it to teach. God gave me the ability to move, I might as well use it to dance and teach our young ones to dance our beloved native dances.

Many of you are more talented and skilled than I am. I therefore challenge you to do something for even just one person this coming year…. take a child under your wing to mentor--- or read to an elderly person in a nursing home…. Just do something. Volunteer at a nursing home or local hospital to either distribute lunch or sit with a patient. I guarantee you --- the feeling of having done something good for our fellow human being is much more fulfilling than any performance award you can receive at work. I know --- I’ve been there.

Let us then assess what we have to offer and then make a plan, and follow through, on how we will help others through regular, ongoing acts of volunteer service. Let's volunteer and help others live happier, live healthier, live longer.

Now, I don’t want to be the person between you and the dance floor! Therefore, I close by saying……“Remember, what you are is God’s gift to you…… What you make of yourself, is your gift to God.

Thank you, See you at the next volunteer event, magandang gabi sa inyoung lahat. Maraming salamat po." - J. Rolen

About Jane Rolen
Jane Rolen (Mary Jane Basilio-Rolen) has been the Team Leader for the Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity Office of SSA since April 2008. Jane began her Social Security career as a Claims Representative in Asheville, North Carolina in 1998. As a graduate of the 2003 SSA National Leadership Development Program (LDP), she has held a number of positions including Operations Supervisor, Labor Relations Specialist, Management Analyst, and Executive Assistant to the Regional Commissioner.

Jane is also the Regional Chair of the Pacific Asian American Advisory Council (PAAAC) of SSA. She is also PAAAC’s National Vice-Chair for Field Offices. As a PAAAC officer, she has received awards in recognition of her excellent representation of and outstanding outreach to the Asian community, and her dedication to the mission and goals of the Asian-American Associations. Under her leadership the PAAAC North Carolina Chapter was the most active and successful PAAAC Chapter in the Atlanta Region. Now spearheading the Regional PAAAC, she is leading the region in numerous initiatives including recruiting, career development and upward mobility of Asian employees in federal government.

Jane is an active community supporter. She has served as an officer to the Filipino-American Community of Western North Carolina. As one of the leaders and consultants in the Filipino community, she is a strong advocate for the Filipinos and is always ready to help the newcomers get acclimated in their new environment. She refers them to agencies; coaches them for job interviews; takes them in her home and teaches them to drive. She is very involved with the civic and volunteer activities including fund raising, feeding the homeless, collecting donations for unwed mothers, and performing Christmas carols at nursing homes. As a member of the Filipino Dance Troupe, she performs during cultural shows every year, and also teaches the young Filipinos the culture, language and native dances.

In August 2006, and again in March 2008, Jane donated 12 inches of her hair to “Locks of Love,” a non-profit organization that make wigs for cancer stricken children. In July 2007, Jane was named as one of “Who’s Who in the Asian-American Communities,” honoring her success as an Asian-American who has served as a role model in the Southeast. She was one of the only 6 Filipino recipients for 2007.

Jane was born and raised in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines. The daughter of teachers, and armed with a scholarship and determination, she worked her way through college and graduated with honors from St. Joseph’s College in Quezon City, Philippines. Jane is married to William (Bill) T. Rolen, Jr., a retired FBI agent. The eldest of six children, Jane has three wonderful brothers and two lovely sisters. She is a dotting aunt to 14 nephews and nieces!!!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

"An Evening of Gratitude" Invocation by Lehnie Estacio

Winifredo Alfelor of the Filipino American Christian Church & Lehnie Estacio of Gawad Kalinga GA

Invocation – Friday 4 December 09
by Lehnie Estacio, Coordinator for Gawad Kalinga-Georgia

"Good evening, thank you all for coming. Let’s start this beautiful evening with a loving conversation with God." invites L. Estacio

"Our dear Father in heaven, we come before Your presence tonight with hearts overflowing with gratitude; gratitude for Your unconditional and infinite love for each of us; for Your faithfulness, for your super-abundant, never-ending kindness and mercy, dear Lord God. We are so grateful for Your constant loving guidance and directing our paths day to day, for each moment that we enjoy your world, for every breath we take. We thank You unceasingly and give You praise for the blessings upon blessings you pour out on each of us everyday – everything we have is from you Lord. We thank you in everything and in all circumstances. Thank You for the gift of life, gift of family, gift of friends, gift of community.

Tonight, especially, we are a community, Lord . . . a community connected by a common thread (thread of compassion) with a common goal to make a difference, particularly in the lives of indigent children in the Philippines through Galing Foundation. May our humble work be an offering to you, dear Lord God. We know You are always with us as You yourself said - giving us hope in darkness, strength in our weakness, stirring us when we get complacent, and the fervor to carry on with the mission that you charged us to do . . . but not for our glory, Lord, but for your glory.

Lord, please give us the grace to follow what you require of us, that is, to act justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with You as one Body, as brothers and sisters. We ask these in the mighty name of our sweet Jesus who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit one God forever and ever. Amen"

About Eleanor "Lehnie" Estacio:
Eleanor or Lehnie for short, is an active member of the Couples for Christ, a global community of family evangelizers committed to live in God’s righteousness and holiness, evangelizing people through a life of love and service. She is a representative of Gawad Kalinga (which means to Give Care), an organization whose mission is to eradicate slums in the Philippines. It transforms slums into clean, beautiful, peaceful communities and transforms the poor into productive and self-sufficient citizens. It has grown to be a movement of nation building and rapidly transforming the physical, social and cultural landscape of the Philippines

She also volunteers as a teacher in Religion for 4th Graders at St. Brigid Catholic Church as well as a lector and Captain of Welcome Ministry at St. Brigid Catholic Church. She is a former officer of Fil-am of Greater Atlanta and a member of PAWAG (Philippine American Women's Assoc. in GA)

She is married to Alex, with 2 wonderful children namely Henry and Melissa.

Dec. 4: Highlights of "An Evening of Gratitude"

PHCG Donato awards a certificate and $400 US Savings Bond to Joanne Kelley Utt as Youth Leader Honoree 2009. Also in photo are Lindsay Romasanta of Center for Pan Asian Community Services and Janice Alcade, Youth Leader Honoree 2008

PHCG Donato awards Kevin Moriles for his achievement in community service as Eagle Scout of BSA Troop 115, Atlanta Area Council, Tara District

"An Evening of Gratitude" Program

“An Evening of Gratitude”

The 5th Annual Community Year End Dinner with Philippine Honorary Consul General Raoul “Ray” Donato, 3rd GFI Youth Leadership Award and Volunteer Appreciation
December 4, 2009 * Canton House Restaurant
Chamblee, Georgia

* 6p.m. Registration & Networking
* 7p.m. Program

Welcome & Recognition by
Ms. Didi O’Connor, Recipient of the Consular Community Leader Award 2009 & President of the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce in GA and Ms. Esther Wilson, President of Northwest Phil-Am Association of GA

Invocation by
Eleanor “Lehnie” Estacio, Coordinator for Gawad Kalinga in GA

"Immigration & Leadership" by Sarah Hawk, Esq. Partner, Fisher & Phillips, LLC

"Philippine Economy, Election 2010, Consular Matters & Volunteer Appreciation” by Philippine Honorary Consul General "Ray" Raoul Donato

Recognition of Achievement
Mr. Kevin Moriles as Eagle Scout of BSA Troop 115, Atlanta Area Council, Tara District

Award Ceremony
Ms. Joanne Kelley Utt as "Youth Leadership Awardee 2009" by Hon. Consul Gen. Donato, YLA Awardees & Selection Committee: Ms. Lindsay Romasanta of Center for Pan Asian Community Services & Mr. Aries Arugay of University of the Philippines Dept. of Political Science

7:30 p.m. * DINNER

“Canon in D”, a guitar solo by Omar Ragheb, YLA Awardee 2007
“Christmas Medley”, a viola solo by Janice Alcalde, YLA Awardee 2008

7:50 p.m. * Presentations

“The Galing Youth” by Janice Alcalde
"GFI Annual Report" by Arjho C. Turner, Director for GFI Mindanao Outreach
"Gratitude & Giving Back" by Jane Rolen, Regional Chair of the Pacific Asian American Advisory Council (PAAAC) of Social Security Administration

8:15 p.m. * Entertainment * Dancing
Christmas Carols & Community Singing lead by Galing Youth
Program's Co-Emcees: Ms. Didi O’Connor & Ms. Esther Wilson

All proceeds of this event will benefit Galing Foundation, Inc. assisted Filipino indigent children, public schools, day care centers and public libraries in rural areas of the Philippines.