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is a non profit 501 (c) 3 tax exempt charitable organization registered in the State of Georgia

GFI assists in providing quality educational resources to underserved public schools, libraries and day care centers.

Monday, June 15, 2015

GFI ships box nos. 279 and 280 to benefit Mindanao outreach

June 14, 2015

Roswell, GA - Galing Foundation, Inc. ships box nos. 279-280 (invoice no. PC 2002) full of books and school supplies to Jocelyn Robles, GFI Mindanao Outreach Coordinator for distribution. 

Many thanks to donors: Myleene Santana and family, Sue Edris, Barbara Killian, Melissa Luetgers, Cross of Life Lutheran Church, Combined Federal Campaign and friends of GFI. 

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GFI Box No. 261 shipped to Mindanao for distribution

May 25, 2015

Roswell, GA - GFI box no. 261 (Invoice no. PC01063 via Phoenix Cargo) full of books and school supplies was shipped to Jocelyn Robles, GFI Mindanao Outreach Coordinator for distribution as part of the Library Development and Educational Assistance (LDERA) program.

Many thanks to donors: Vivian, Filibian Abura, James Crump, Edith Evans, Vivian Millikan, Z-Eli Billones, Edith Evans, Khrys Ingram, Mary Anne Stackowiak, Ana Blackburn and members of Northwest Phil-Am Association. 

Queen of Angels continues to support Filipino children and teachers in Mindanao

May 27, 2015
Roswell, GA- Queen of Angels Catholic School donated high quality educational books and school supplies benefiting the Filipino children and teachers of Mindanao.  Since May 2006, Queen of Angels has faithfully partnered with GFI supporting its Library Development and Educational Resource Assistance (LDERA) program.  "We are excited to be contributing to your cause and knowing that they are continuously enjoyed by children helping them become active readers and learners.  We believe that we all benefit from it.  It's truly a win-win program for both the school and your organization." - Julie Smith, Coordinator, Queen of Angels    
17 balikbayan box nos. 262-278 were packed by volunteers and shipped through Phoenix Cargo (PC 2001) to be received by Jocelyn Robles, GFI Mindanao Outreach Coordinator for distribution.  Shipment funding was made possible by Cross of Life Lutheran Church, Combined Federal Campaign donors and friends of GFI.   
A big thank you to GFI donors, volunteers and shipping partners: Sandy Spaeth, Julie Smith, Sue Van Rooyen, Maureen Harkins, the families of Queen of Angels, Arjho, M and Hannah Turner, Gloria and Alex Enriquez.  

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Multi-awarded Filipino-American teacher receives grant to conduct Science workshop for teachers in Mindanao

GFI Board, Philippine Honorary Consulate General and Dr. Joel Aquino
(Front row) Toni Daya-Luetgers, Ana Blackburn, Phil. Honorary Consul General Ray Donato,
Dr. Joel Aquino (grant recipient), Arjho C. Turner, Mary Ann Stachowiak and Jane Rolen
(Back) Scott P. Luetgers

May 23, 2015

Atlanta, GA-Multi-awarded Filipino-American teacher Dr. Joel Aquino received a $500 grant to conduct a pilot Science workshop in early June for high school teachers in Mindanao.  The grant award is to support Aquino's initiative in bringing valuable educational volunteer service to benefit the Indigenous Cultural Communities (ICCs) in Mindanao in line with the foundation's Library Development and Educational Resource Assistance program.  The grant was made possible through the generosity of Cross of Life Lutheran Church, Galing Foundation friends and Combined Federal Campaign donors

Aquino teaches cross disciplines in Physics, Physical Science, Earth Systems and Geology in high school, college and graduate-level programs.  He teaches at Hall County Schools/University of North GA/Piedmont College and has received local, state and national awards. 

The workshop in Mindanao will be a project hosted in partnership with the Provincial Government of Sarangani thru the Sulong Karunungan Program of Governor Steve Solon, the Schools Division of Sarangani Province and Galing Foundation, Inc. Mindanao Outreach.

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