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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DOH data reports dengue cases in various regions, DepEd starts a campaign

According to DOH data, ages of patients with dengue range from less than a
month to 95 years old. Most of the cases are also said to have come from
Western Visayas (7680), Central Mindanao (6470), CALABARZON (5739),
Eastern Visayas (5543), National Capital Region ((4744), Southern Mindanao
(4658), and Northern Mindanao (3935).

On Aug. 14, the DepEd started a program to take action through a campaign designed to help prevent the spread of dengue nationwide.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Queen of Angels donates "My Side of the Mountain", a Newberry Honor book to Filipino indigent children of Mindanao

August 12, 2010

Roswell, GA

Queen of Angels Catholic School donates 60 pieces of "My Side of the Mountain", a Newberry Honor book to Filipino indigent children of GFI Mindanao.

The organization is grateful to the school for its continued support in promoting English literacy by donations of high standard educational materials.

Special thanks to Ms. Sandra Spaeth, the teachers and families of Queen of Angels.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Philippines: DepEd supports P-Noy on two more years in basic education


DepEd supports P-Noy on two more years in basic education

The Department of Education chief expresses its full support to President
Noynoy Aquino’s 12-year education cycle to make it at par with the world’s

DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro reiterates that he is behind P-noy to upgrade the
country’s basic education. “I am not having second thoughts and the President
has my full support in this education reform agenda,” said Luistro.

He furthered that changing the education cycle from 10 years to 12 years is no
easy task but is attainable. However, the processes will take time and may go
beyond the term of the current or even the next administration.

“I believe the process will take some time and may go beyond the term of the
Aquino administration owing to the changes to be made in the curriculum. We
will review it, evaluate the contents, integrate what needs to be integrated and
see how it is going to work. Then we will give our recommendation to the
President,” Luistro explained.

In the President’s first State of the Nation Address (SONA), he included the 12-
year education cycle as part of his reform programs, saying, “Magkakapondo na
po para maipatupad ang mga plano natin sa edukasyon. Mapapalawak natin
ang basic education cycle mula sa napakaikling sampung taon tungo sa global
standard na labindalawang taon.”

Luistro said that once the decision is made to change, it will be irreversible. "We
will begin implementing the new curriculum in the first grade while the second
grade continues with the old curriculum. The following year, those from grade 1
will use the new grade 2 curriculum until they complete the new cycle. After
nine years from first implementation, all those under the previous 10 year cycle
will have graduated and the new one is in effect."

He, however, explained that it is not just the question of adding more years. "It
is not just about adding more years but about giving the Filipino youth a holistic
education curriculum that will prepare them for real life."

Sec. Luistro and the entire department agree to President Aquino when he said,
“if we fix basic education, we fix the long-term problems of the country. And if we
fix the country’s problems, we can build a truly strong society we can proudly
call the Philippines.”

“Although the department takes this as a big challenge, we join the entire
Aquino administration in its goal of bringing hope and contributing for the
common good of our real boss – the Filipino people, in general, and the youth,
in particular,” assured Luistro.

Also, Luistro wants to address backlogs in education resources in two years as
part of the government’s serious reform efforts. END

Philippines: New DepEd Officials named

New DepEd Officials named

Education Secretary Br. Armin Luistro introduced to personnel of the Department
of Education (DepEd) its new set of undersecretaries during the flag ceremony
on Monday.

“This is the team we will be working with in the next few years,” said Luistro.
“They were chosen based on their competence and dedication to public service.”
Of the four newly appointed undersecretaries, one has been a career employee
for over 40 years and the rest are new to DepEd.

“Undersecretary Yolanda Quijano has been with DepEd for 43 years,” said
Luistro of the lone career appointee and only female in the group. “Her long
experience and historical knowledge of existing programs and projects make her
fit to hold the position of Undersecretary for Programs and Projects.”
The other members of the new administration are Undersecretary Alberto Muyot
for Legal and Legislative Affairs, Undersecretary Rizalino Rivera for Regional
Operations, and Undersecretary Francisco Varela for Finance and

“Like me, they too sought divine intervention before they accepted my invitation
to join the department,” quips Luistro. “After much reflection, they decided to
respond to the call to help make a difference and accepted my invitation.”
Quijano began her career as an elementary school teacher immediately after
finishing her degree in elementary education at the Leyte Normal School. For
more than forty years, she occupied various positions focusing on primary and
special education until she was appointed to her current post.

A cum laude graduate from the University of the Philippines College of Law,
Muyot taught and practiced law, so to speak. He taught in his Alma Mater as
well as in the Angeles University Foundation, FEU-DLSU Law, Lyceum and
Miriam College. He also practiced lawyer in both private and public capacity.
Muyot is designated as the official spokesperson of the Department of Education
in response to the directive given by President Noynoy Aquino’s communications

Rivera is a known change and organizational development expert who served as
a consultant to various local and multinational corporations. He is seen to fit the
job perfectly given the changes planned for implementation in the government’s
biggest bureaucracy. Before he was invited to join the Luistro team, he was
consultant to Change Consultants, Inc. and HBC, Inc.

Meanwhile, the new finance officer, Varela, has had a long experience in
financial management and administration. He finished his degree in Bachelor of
Science in Mathematics at the Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro City as
magna cum laude. He was president and CEO of the AB Capital and Investment
Corporation before he was invited to join the education portfolio.

Luistro said that while they have assigned initial responsibilities to the newly
appointed Undersecretaries, they are still in the process of reviewing the
organizational structure of the department. “Prior to determining a formal
structure, I have asked them to review and supervise their respective
departments so as not to disrupt the day to day operations of the agency,” he