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Friday, December 21, 2007

Omar Ragheb, 2007 Youth Leadership Nominee

2007 Youth Leadership Award is presented by Galing Foundation, Inc. in cooperation with The Office of the Philippine Honorary Consulate in Atlanta.

Nominee's Name: Omar Ragheb


Omar served as a little helper for his 1st Grade teacher. He was the assistant teacher (tutoring his classmates who doesn't understand ) when he was in 2nd Grade. In 3rd Grade, he worked as a homework checker. In 4th Grade, he got a Certificate of Award in Physical Education for being one of the Field Day Helper. And in 5th Grade, Omar got a Certificate of Award for serving as a Safety Patrol in their school. He has volunteered his time, talent and books for Galing Foundation, Inc.'s community outreach at the Asian Cultural Experience, Ball O Fun & Fil-Am Picnic.


Omar is a straight A's student from Pre-K up to present (6th Grade). He received from President's Education Awards Program a Certificate of Award for Oustanding Academic Excellence. He also got another Certificate of Award for being excellent in French. He has been recognized and rewarded with Scholarship Award ($1,000 Trust Fund), and a medal for Oustanding Academic
and Humanitarian achievement by Carson Scholars Fund, Inc.

He made a lemonade stand one summer and contributed the money
to Katrina's victims. He represented his class in Spelling Bee Contest last year.

He has been selected to participate in the SIGMA Math Competition at Sutton Middle School for 2007-2008.


Omar is quiet but a smart six grader. He is very kind, helpful, and polite. He never gets into any trouble because all the people (kids/adults) around him really respect his excellent attitude toward others and great achievement in school. He is a great role model to all the kids according to his teachers. He got a Citizenship Award in recognition of his exemplary behavior
and valuable services rendered in school. He also got another Certificate of Award in recognition for an Outstanding Attendance Record. He sets a positive example for students by getting involved in Orchestra (playing violin in both elementary/middle school), Choir (elementary), French Club ( elementary/middle
school), Math Club (middle school), soccer (YMCA Select-Buckhead Blue FC).

Submitted by:
Grace Ragheb
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