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Friday, April 30, 2010

Cross of Life Social Concerns International Dinner & Silent Auction Benefit

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Roswell, GA Cross of Life Social Concerns Committee hosted the 1st annual International Dinner and Silent Auction to benefit Phadhar Mission School (India), Malawi Mission and Galing Foundation, Inc. (Philippines) sponsored by Cartridge World Lilburn, India Chef with generous donations from COL members.

In spite of the unfavorable weather condition, the community of faith joined hands to help raise money for its international outreach. Over 60 guests enjoyed an array of homemade dishes from Africa, India, the Philippines, Denmark, Italy and Myanmar. The program began with a blessing lead in Chichewa, Hindi and Filipino then translated in the English language.

The highlights include a Blaan Tribe dance performed by Arjho C. Turner and a talk by Amber Dismer on her experience as a Peace Corp volunteer in Azerbaijhan followed by a discussion.

"At first I was concerned that we wouldn't have enough guests to taste all the delicious international food but slowly the guests started to arrive and we ended up having more people than we expected. Everyone enjoyed and learned so much from this event. We are so grateful and we feel blessed." - Hermon Rao, COL Social Concerns Chairman

The event raised over $1,500 to help COL Social Concerns international outreach.

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Hermon said...

I also wanted to thank all brothers and sisters in Christ community of COL for supporting and joining hands with us in this act of service to His people and thereby glorifying God. This is what I believe is evangelism in action, the gospel in action, the participation in following and fulfilling the great commission of Jesus. It was a joyous and successful event and it happened because in spit of our doubts and worries when we let Holy Spirit work we see the power of God's action in our lives and we end up following the way of Jesus, naturally as part of our nature. So again thank you COL and above all praise and thanks to our God. May God be glorified more and more through and within the community of COL.

Hermon Rao
Social Concern Committee of COL