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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

More dictionaries, reading books, text books and school supplies are on its way to GFI Mindanao partners

More dictionaries, reading books, text books and school supplies are on its way to GFI Mindanao partner schools and library

September 4, 2010-Norcross, GA

Amidst a wave of crowd at Manila Mart store on labor day weekend, volunteers and donors of Galing Foundation, Inc. packed and shipped 5 balikbayan boxes full of dictionaries, reading books, textbooks, bibles and school supplies to benefit GFI Mindanao partner schools and library: (1) Kipalkuda Elementary School c/o Datu Wali Mission, (2)Landan National High School, (3) Maligo Day Care Center School, (4) Maligo Elementary School, (5) Barangay Maligo Public Library.

Volunteer-donor Bernard Turner shares, "I was there earlier this year with my wife Arjho. One thing that touched my heart was I saw that there was a lack of dictionaries, something very simple that we take for granted here in the United States." As a result of their mission trip last May, Mr. Turner came back with a deep desire to help stomp out illiteracy, promote English literacy by introducing BMAD (Buy Me a Dictionary) Project.

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With the generous support from GFI's logistics partner since 2005, MMW Logistics Balikbayan Service, the children and teachers in Mindanao, with a high percentage of IP (indigenous people) population, will soon put the donated educational tools into use.

Donations contained in GFI balikbayan box (shipping nos. 137-141, invoice nos. 100839 & 100840) were received from members of Cross of Life Lutheran Church in Roswell, Queen of Angels Catholic School, Friends of Roswell Library, Atl-Fil Moms, Bernard & Arjho Turner, Abundant Life Church in Lithonia and Lauren & Melissa Luetgers.

Funding of the shipment was provided by Cross of Life Lutheran Church & Faith in Action Ministry under Global Outreach and Atl-Fil Moms.

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