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Monday, November 15, 2010

"It is I who is honored to serve." - M. Barredo

Atlanta, GA

On Tuesday, Nov. 9, a diverse crowd flocked the Fox Theater as the evening opened with a pre-show honoring Ms. Maniya Barredo, the first Filipino Prima Ballerina for her 50th year in performing arts. The United States of America and the Philippine flag were waved on stage as the "Ating Tinig" quartet (Ed & Beth Villanueva, Didi O'Connor and Al Dampog) lead the audience in singing both national anthems, "Star Spangled Banner" followed by "Lupang Hinirang". Students of the Metropolitan Ballet Theater, leaders from the Filipino community namely Doddy Ward, pres. of Filipino American Association of Greater Atlanta (Fil-Am), Esther Wilson, chair of the Federation of Philippine American Organizations in GA (FPOAG), Didi O'Connor, pres. of Philippine American Chamber of Commerce in GA, Inc.(PACCGA), Phil Aragon, pres. of the Philippine American Center in GA (PACG) and Father Chito Palang of St. Thomas Aquinas who represents the Filipino faith community and Lori Davis assistant to the Philippine Honorary Consul General for the Southeastern U.S. witnessed the award ceremony. "The Philippine Honorary Consul General Raoul R. Donato presents the plaque to Ms. Maniya Barredo in recognition of her 50th Anniversary in the performing arts and holding the prestigious title of "Prima Ballerina" and for her outstanding and exemplary service to the Filipino-American community of Georgia and the Southeastern United States. Presented on this day, November 9, 2010" - L. Davis

A congratulatory message from President Aquino was read, conveying his thanks to Ms. Barredo for bringing honor to the Philippines and for her commitment in improving her craft and in developing the next generation of artists.

As Ms. Barredo took center stage, thanking her family, her colleagues, MBT family, the Honorary Consul General and everyone in the audience, she humbly responded to the president's message by saying, "It is I who is honored to serve. As a proud Filipino American, I couldn't be more grateful. We must all stand tall and go out there because we are the resource of the country-the Philippines."

In her introduction to the highlight of the evening, the performance of the multi-awarded (nationally and internationally) Bayanihan Philippine National Dance Company, she emphasized that the group is truly an amazing ambassador of goodwill-always true to the spirit of bayanihan.

The pre-show award ceremony of the Bayanihan Philippine National Dance Company at the Fox Theater was presented in coordination with the Phlippine Honorary Consulate General Raoul "Ray" Donato, Metropolitan Ballet Theater and Galing Foundation, Inc. Board. The reception was sponsored by the Metropolitan Ballet Theater.

Special thanks to Sachi Koto Communications, Mabuhay and members of the Filipino community.

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