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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A big thanks to participants of "I Got Music Talent, and It Shows"

Photo: Maria Anunziata of Circle of Fifths & Ana Blackburn, GFI Program Director

"I Got Music Talent, and It Shows" raised $68.20 for Galing Mindanao Outreach last
February 5th. The entertainment was lead by Circle of Fifths with special participation from leaders and members of the community.

The GFI Board wish to thank Grace Ragheb, Shereen Ragheb, Arjho and Bernard Turner, Tony, Ces, Aaron, Angelo Alberto, Lucy Baet, Ann, Jordan and Jace Moratin, Magnerica Malley, Ana and Jeff Blackburn, Luisa Godbold and her mother, Rica Sitiar, the Luetgers family and Willy Blanco.

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