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Monday, May 16, 2011

Friends of Roswell Library donates more children's reading books to benefit GFI Mindanao Outreach

Roswell, GA

After its annual spring book sale, Friends of Roswell Library donated 2 boxes children's reading books to benefit GFI Mindanao Outreach.

Special thanks to Carol Harisson, president of FRL, the board and its members for their continued support for GFI's library building effort in rural areas of the Philippines.

Friends of Roswell Library has donated books to benefit St. Paul's Misamis Oriental, St. Paul's Medlin, Cebu, Baranggay 8 in Lucban, Quezon, Southern Luzon Polytechnic University, Public Elementary School in Lucban,Quezon, Lucban Public Library, Maligo Elementary School, Maligo Public Library, Landan National High School, Kipalkuda Elementary School and Maligo Day Care School.

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