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GFI assists in providing quality educational resources to underserved public schools, libraries and day care centers.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

CBDA salutes GFI and the countless volunteers for the good strides done in 2013

CBDA Missionaries
Chris and Carol Woodley

Cornerstone Baptist Deaf Academy letter on Jan. 13, 2014
13 January 2014
Dear Galing Family:
A salute to your good organization and to countless other volunteers for the good strides done in 2013, bringing education to places where there is lack of it.
Our special appreciation goes to the entire GALING FOUNDATION who has chosen our humble school to be the recipient of a five-year book sponsorship program.  The executive committee who worked quietly in the background and the many friends of Galing who chose to be unnamed, we salute you!
our goal to close the gap int eh level of education of the deaf to at least close to par with that of the hearing is not impossible.  In 2011, CBDA established its first library and learning center even with the shortage of non-academic textbooks.  Our goal is to teach English, Filipino, Writing, Culture and History, and through this raise the level of awareness of our deaf children about their environment and identity.  As of 2013, CBDA has already received three book shipments: Currently our staff is managing inventory, while our teachers have started their own classroom libraries incorporating reading in all subject lessons and class activities.
As a way to express their gratitude, our deaf students have sent you their artistic crafts and projects.  They also send out their congratulations to all the youth leaders of Georgia, who like them believe in the power of education.
With your partnership, we are gearing up towards becoming more self-sustaining in 2014, and our deaf believe that productiveness is the key.  The assistance you can led us through the sale of their hand-made products can help make our goals more attainable. 
Thank you very much, and may God bless you!
Carol A. Woodley
Administrator and missionary
Cornerstone Baptist Deaf Academy newsletter on December 20, 2013

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