Galing Foundation, Inc.

is a non profit 501 (c) 3 tax exempt charitable organization registered in the State of Georgia

GFI assists in providing quality educational resources to underserved public schools, libraries and day care centers.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Jocelyn Robles, GFI Mindanao Outreach Coordinator Reports on Impact of Books and School Supplies Received

At the 26th GFI board meeting in April 23, 2013 held at East Point, GA, Ms. Jocelyn Robles, GFI Mindanao Outreach coordinator reports on the impact of books and school supplies received from donors in Atlanta.  (click here for video)

Students of Amado M. Quirit, Sr. National High School

Robles personally conveys a message of thanks to donors of Galing Foundation, Inc. (click here for video)

GFI board presented select artworks by Mindanao students showcased at Cross of Life Lutheran Church International Dinner and Auction held last Aug. 24, 2013 in Roswell. (click here for video)

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