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Friday, August 15, 2014

Wesleyan School, Kate & Dillon Santana and Cross of Life donates books to Filipino children

Shonda Duke of Wesleyan School

Kate and Dillon Santana and Melissa Luetgers
Kris Penaflorida of J. Suarez Co.
June 28, 2014

Roswell, GA- Shonda Duke of Wesleyan School, Kate and Dillon Santana donates books to Filipino children through Galing Foundation, Inc.  These books and school supplies will benefit students of Cornerstone Baptist Deaf Academy in Tarlac, Amado M Quirit, Sr. High School and Lamlifew Elementary School of Mindanao.

The shipment of 4 balikbayan boxes (244-247 invoice nos. 107278 & 107279) were funded through the generous support of members of Cross of Life and the Social Concerns Ministry.

(Click here for GFI box nos. 242 & 243 report)

Please click here for updates on Mindanao Outreach.

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