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Monday, March 23, 2015

A big thank you to NW Philam Association for 7 years of continued partnership

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Saturday, March 22, 2015

Marietta, GA - Despite the weather condition, several families and friends gathered at East Cobb Park for a delightful potluck and Easter Egg Hunt picnic hosted annually by the NW Philam Assoc. of GA.

Thanks to association's leadership, NW Philam has been a consistent partner since 2008 in its charitable endeavor serving the educational needs of Filipino indigent children in rural areas through the foundation.

The GFI board together with its beneficiaries expresses its gratitude to the leadership of NW Philam board and members for the consistent and generous contribution and support.  Several books, school supplies and $95 monetary donation (for shipping) were received during the book drive. 

Thank you to May Kinunen, Esther and Chuck Wilson, Boots Pisco, Eva Milholin, Janay Stanley, Tess Spaid, Melanie Goodridge, Marie Ladioray, Cynthia Potteiger, Lisa Rollins, Jeanly Crandall, Emma Howell, Fely McMichen, NW families and friends.

For more on GFI's Philippine outreach please visit by clicking on the following links:  and

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