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Monday, October 07, 2013

A Letter to GFI from Cornerstone Baptist Deaf Academy

October 1, 2013
via email
Dear Ms. Toni and Board Members,

My heartfelt gratitude for extending help to our deaf students through the books you have given us.  Although we were not expecting too much, the Lord has been good to us with the two shipments you have sent. (It turned out to be a book-day celebration!) 
Please be sure that we value this partnership in educating our deaf and in promoting their cause.  I also thank you for inviting Chito Agapito to your recent board meeting. I consider it yet another warm gesture notable of your group (foundation). I just wish I was there to have listened, responded and laughed with you all. By God’s grace, I look forward to greet you personally this December.  

Chito presented to me the matters taken up on your meeting, and again I thank you for including our school on your latest project of providing electronic gadgets relevant to education. As much as that is a “tempting” opportunity, it would rather be fair for us to say that another good Samaritan has awarded our school with a printer and some livelihood materials for baking. So we thought that the new funds might instead benefit other schools or libraries that need new electronic equipment. Not to mention, Chito has also donated her used monitor and laptop to our school before she left. Being a small population, we honestly thought this would be sufficient for our operations for now.

Having said this, we would also like to let you know that the flurry of books you have sent us would be sure to serve our academic intervention goals for the next two years. Kindly understand that we are not refusing the blessings of more shipments from your end, but we also thought that the next boxes might benefit more schools.  Your thoughts on that we of course respect. As of the moment, our students are in the pre-reading and beginner reader’s level. Perhaps it would take a considerable period of time to develop our deaf students from beginning to dependent to independent reading.  The books that you have given would provide good intervention for two years or so.  Although it should be noted that reading really is a high literacy skill, and that our teachers are integrating the use of books in their selected subjects.

The classroom library and subject-reading integration program has just been started by our teachers. We hope to come up with the earliest assessment by the end of the third grading period. In the meantime, we are furnishing you with a copy of the General Literacy and Competencies Assessment Report as of Summer 2012-2013, which Chito has already presented to you. Attached is also a copy of the presentation Chito has made regarding CBDA’s accomplishments and new challenges.

On behalf of all the students, teachers and parents of CBDA, thank you and more power!

Yours truly,





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