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Monday, October 07, 2013




GENERAL LITERACY (General Knowledge and Functional Literacy)


1.      The students can read and understand instructions in both English and Filipino.

2.      The students possess a working knowledge of basic expressions in English and understand their value to communication and human relationships.

Reading and Comprehension

3.      The students (Grades 1-7) can identify sight words (articles, linking or be verbs, prepositions) in simple writing in English.

4.      The students (Grades 3-7) can identify key words (noun, adjectives, adverbs) in simple writing in English and Filipino.

5.      The students (Grades 3-7) are familiar with the structure of Short Stories and are able to tell their own stories.

Math (NOTE:  Most applicable for higher grade levels)

6.      The students have a functional understanding of the basic operations in Math in everyday life.

7.      The students can tell time and understand the value of this knowledge to everyday life.

8.      The students can count money and knows its value to everyday transactions.

9.      The students are familiar with the calendar (days of the week and months of the year) and understand the importance of this knowledge to everyday life.


10.   The students can grasp the fundamental natural processes (weather/climate, marine and land ecosystem, forms of energy, properties of resources like water, minerals, forest products, animals, etc.) at work in their environment.

11.   The students are aware of the importance of their role in preserving and protecting their natural environment.

Social Studies (Makabayan)

12.   The students are aware of their Filipino identity and their role as youth in society.

13.   The students are aware of their country’s rich history, customs, practices and beliefs.

14.   The students are aware of the importance of social and current events and its direct or indirect relationship to their immediate community.

15.   The students are aware of their rights as deaf, youth, and Filipino.

16.   The students are aware of the value of relationships to their family, friends and community and how these will help them develop and grow as an individual.

Home Arts and PE (MAPE, EPP/TLE)

17.   The students are aware of the importance of health, good hygiene and personal development to a happy and successful living.

18.   The students are aware of their own talents and their potential development to benefit their future.

19.   The students possess creative arts (Grades 1-4) and technical livelihood skills (Grades 5-7).

Values and Bible

20.   The students are aware of the importance of the positive values of discovery, self-confidence, creativity, perseverance, honesty, discipline, respect for others and cooperation and what these values can bring for them and their immediate community in the future.

21.   The students have an understanding of the Biblical creator and the importance of having a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.

22.   The students (Grades 3-7) know the books of the Holy Bible and stories told in the scriptures.

23.   The students possess an elementary understanding of selected Biblical passages.

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